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  • Roddy Hogg

State Tournaments Now Allow Out-of-State Players

The CVRA is always working to grow the sport of racquetball. Some things work instantly, but often we have to wash, rinse, and repeat. That's how continuous improvement works. Attendance at some tournaments has been waning, so we went to the community to get input. We spoke to various tournament directors and requested input from members at our latest members' meeting. We found a consistent theme among neighboring states. Most, if not all of them, allow out-of-state residents to enter Virginia state level tournaments. So, a motion was put before the board in December to open the upcoming State Singles tournament to out-of-state players, and it passed. State Doubles, earlier in the year was limited to Virginia residents, but the State Singles tournament will allow out-of-state residents. We are confident this will be a good move for Virginia. Be sure to sign up for the tournament. It was recently awarded to Worldgate Sport & Health in Herndon, Virginia. Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

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