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Committees & Volunteers

The CVRA Board is always looking for individuals who would like volunteer to help with any of the listed committees. If you would like to join, please email us through the Contact Us page.

(NOTE: You do not have to be a board member to be on a committee)




         President - Jaime Torres

         Vice President - Mark Baron

         Secretary - Karen Grisz

         Treasurer - Maddie Melendez

Board Members

         Mike Grisz


         Danny Rodriguez

         Christine Torres

         Megan Shelton

         Seth Jordan


          Advertising/Marketing - (seeking volunteers)


          Collegiate Programming Committee- (seeking volunteers)

          Scholarship Committee-  Malia Bailey


          Hall of Fame Committee -  Mark Baron

          Juniors Programming - Maddie Melendez


          Legal Advice - (TBD)


          Men's Programming - (seeking volunteers)


          Military Representatives(seeking volunteers)

          Tournament Sanctioning - Mark Baron, Jaime Torres

          Website Administrators - Jaime Torres

          Social Media Administrators - Christine Torres, Jaime Torres


          Women's Programming - Megan Shelton

Want to volunteer on a committee or on the board?  Please use the Contact Us page or e-mail Maddie Melendez and tell us how you would like to contribute!

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