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Rankings System

The CVRA Rankings System uses a point based scale, which is reflected upon the number of participants that are entered into each division. Players will earn points for all divisions participated in during a CVRA Sanctioned Event.  Points earned are reflected upon the current tournament season (July 1 – June 30).  In the event of a combined division, points will be earned based on how a player finishes in the draw and awarded to the event that the player originally entered.






Straight Draw

Level 1 = 3 – 8 players

Level 2 = 9 – 16 players (5 PP**)

Level 3 = 17 or more players (10 PP**)


**Player Points (PP) are earned for every opponent a player defeats.

Round Robin

Pool Play

Skill Division Advancement (Pointing Out)

Once a player has attained a certain “level of success”, he or she will be required to move up to the next skill division (A, B, C, D).  The “level of success” is defined by the following criteria:


  • Winners of a skill division at the VA State Singles Championship tournaments

      (when there are more than 8 participants in the draw)

  • Winners of a skill division in a Regional or National tournament

  • Outright winners of a skill division in the CVRA Championship Series

      (not those who win a prize with the second or third highest points because the top point earner did not qualify)

  • Players who finish in first place with either 300+ points

  • Players who finish in the top 5 with 200+ points and 2 wins

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