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  • Roddy Hogg

Penn announced as the Official Ball of CVRA

A little bit of news this morning:

It has been a tough few years for racquetball companies. Wilson was thought to be folding the program, but they have double-downed and partnered with the USAR on a national level.

Ektelon, however, was not so lucky and they have decided to reduce racquetball support for the 2016-2017 season. Whether or not they completely leave the sport is still open for discussion, but we do know the the CVRA ball support contract was in jeopardy.

To make sure the CVRA could support the tournament schedule with balls, a new contract was signed this year with Head/Penn. Tournament Directors will have their choice of purple, green, red, or blue balls. The Hope tournament in Chesapeake, will continue to use Pink balls from Wilson because that tournament is all about Pink and breast cancer awareness.

We are all glad to have the support of Head/Penn. In this time of uncertainty within the sport, be sure to show them your support. A short thank you email to Penn or even a comment here demonstrates your gratitude.

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