• Jaime Torres

Proposed Change to CVRA Bylaws

CVRA Members, there is currently a proposed Bylaws change put forth by board members to ensure the CVRA continues to be an organization that fosters the support and growth of racquetball in the commonwealth. As always, we would like to solicit your feedback on these changes before adopting them into the Bylaws.


Remove current restriction limiting board members to two consecutive 3 year terms. Currently ex-board members must sit out a year in order to be elected again.

Current board member term limit language in the bylaws:

Article IV, Section 2

The Board of Directors shall consist of twelve (12) individuals, or no less than nine (9), who receive no payment from the CVRA for their service. Their duties include upholding the purposes of the CVRA as individuals and acting in good faith as board members to further these purposes. These Directors shall be elected to office by the general membership for one term of 3 years. Four directors shall retire each year and (v4.0) shall have the option to seek re-election to a consecutive three-year term upon completion of their initial term. (v2.0) Retiring board members must wait one (1) calendar year before becoming eligible to serve an additional term on the board.

Proposed bylaw language:

The fourth sentence above should read “Four directors shall retire each year and shall have the option to run for re-election.” End of sentence.


There should be no need to remove an engaged participating board member who wants to serve and is doing good service. It is difficult to find interested, qualified board members.


Normal attrition would provide future board openings allowing for new board members. Board members can still be voted off the board, it is not a permanent appointment. If approved, recommend that the change be implemented immediately, taking effect with the April 2020 elections. If approved, any current board members whose 2nd term expires in 2020 would be eligible for renewal. It is not automatic, renewals would be voted on.


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