• Gary Mazaroff

A Tribute to Wayne

Wayne Toyne, a man of great reknown. One would not know when he was down. Having many a friend; from DC, overseas, and along both coasts. Wayne would gladly offer a toast---to friends Bobbi, Candi, Cheryl, Jenni, Karen, T.J., & Thao—add Allen, Ed, Gary, Ira, Joe, & Mark…Wow! He gave us his heart, his soul, and the shirt off his back. That was Wayne’s way; his legacy continues with kids Isa & Clay. Gone at 78, it seems he was cheated; recently reaching pinnacles he would want repeated. Life’s comforts, friendships, and striking a ball; so basic and rewarding, he could stand up tall.

Wayne had secrets, yet; most could care less. Lo mas importante is he had the zest—to live fully, to help, to demonstrate passion. It was a part of his grand fashion. Time with Wayne allowed one to grow positive; what a great way to live!

The Armed Services called on him to play a tune. Play he did; as if he could be heard on the moon. Blowing his horn so loud and sweet; and before he passed he received a prize to tweet—‘To ALL, I have been enshrined into the Racquetball Hall.’

The community of Racquetball has received a BLOW. A player, administrator, and teacher; all skills he would sow. We miss you ‘John’ Wayne; yet, one thing is certain, your story will stay in front of the curtain.


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