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2022 W. Ray Williams Fall Open Wrap Up

October 14-16 marked the rerun of the W. Ray Williams Fall Open. Covid had kept this tournament away since 2019, and it came back strong this year. While the draw was not as large as it was in the past, it saw the highest level of talent with four top 15 players from the LPRT and IRT and FormulaFlow's very own MoMo Zelada joining the competition.

This weekend was not only chalk full of racquetball, but plenty of food and old friends! Local Richmond Racquetball Legends Chad Agnolucci, Bubba & Paula Jenkins, Gary Durham, and Chris Eggleston made guest appearances to take in some matches and (hopefully) plan for their comeback! Amie Brewer was not able to compete at the tournament, but she paid us a visit and didn't come empty handed! She brought delicious baked treats for all and specialized gift bags for all 7 of the ladies that competed at the tournament. Huge thank you to Amie for encouraging growth and participation in our sport!

In order to keep people entertained between matches, Ping Pong, previously streamed matches, drinks, coffee, food and an assortment of displays were all available. Jordan Walters was also on hand to provide expert stringing, quality HEAD Penn racquetball gear, and general racquetball advice! Overall, the tournament went off on-time, with entertaining and competitive matches across all skill levels.

Matches from the weekend can be seen on the CVRA Facebook Group or the Richmond Racquetball YouTube channel.

Congratulations to the division champions this weekend!

  • Men's Open Mario Mercado

  • Women's Open Brenda Laime

  • Men's Open Doubles Ben Bleyer and Dylan Pruitt

  • Men's Centurion Marc Highfill and Doug Innanen

  • Mixed Open/A Thelma Ruhlen, Todd Good

  • Men's Elite Omar Cruz Rivera

  • Men's A James Campbell

  • Men's A Doubles James Campbell, Alonzo Moody

  • Men's B Adrian Wade

  • Men's B/C Doubles Randy Polisky, Mike Burke

  • Men's C Larry Dahn

A SPECIAL Thank You to Charlene and the crew at American Family Fitness for keeping the courts and spectator area in tip-top shape before and during the tournament. We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you to the sponsors of this tournament to make it possible! We look forward to seeing you at the next Virginia Racquetball tournament!

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