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2023 Season Updates

Greetings Virginia! The 2023 Season is coming up quickly and the calendar has been updated. We hope to see you one (or all!) of the events. Throughout Virginia, there will also be shootouts, leagues, socials, etc. If you are hosting or aware of any upcoming events, please share it with us on the Contact Us page so we can help get the word out!

A big day we'd like for you to mark on your calendar is September 9th. That will be World Racquetball Day. The ask is that you simply play racquetball that day! Take some pictures, share it on social media. If you're so inclined, host an event. If you're not sure how, just ask and we'll help! We want to spread awareness of our great sport, bring as many new players in, and just enjoy our great sport and community. We will keep this page and our Facebook group updated with all the events as we hear about them.

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