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Courtside West Classic Wrap Up

A big shoutout to the Tournament Directors, assistants, participants, spectators, sponsors, and host facility for a very successful first edition of the Courtside West Classic.

With two of the fastest concrete courts ever constructed almost 40 players from 9 states descended on this old-school racquet club. Tournament Directors Amie Brewer and Nick Czatt assembled a great team of sponsors to produce some generous swag, unique trophies, and great food from local vendors. This was also the first time in several years the CVRA assembled a streaming presence for the tournament to allow people to watch from home and watch the other court from the comfort of the couch in the club. Special thanks to Bob 'SnakPak' Lavoie and Christine 'Shorty What What' Torres for hopping on the mic and commentating some of the matches.

Throughout the tournament, Amie provided delicious baked goods, raffles, skills challenges, and radar gun speed tests. Winners and runner ups took home custom high-ball glasses, coffee mugs, or travel water bottles. Singles runner ups also went home with Manilla Athletics sliver tier monthly memberships so they can take first next time!

While this was the first, this won't be the last, so make sure to join the fun next time! You can also check out the streams and pictures on Facebook. Comments and feedback on the tournament and streams are encouraged and welcome.

There's also some great tournaments coming up shortly, so sign up and come check them out.


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