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Tournament Alert! Greenbriar's Back!

Malia will be hosting an unsanctioned no-frills indoor/outdoor tournament at Greenbriar North YMCA. More info can be found on the Facebook event!

Description from Malia:


Hello racquetball community!!! We are hosting a 1-day shootout scheduled for October 3rd. This will be a no frills event, but will have lots of racquetball. Several divisions will be offered, as well as outdoor divisions. We have come up with some creative ideas in order to comply with some of the restrictions given. $30 for 1 division, $15 every division after. Please bring cash to pay for the event. Up to 3 divisions, dependent upon number of participants. The maximum number of participants will be 50. Cash awards will be given to the finalists. Part of the entry fee will go to the YMCA, the rest will be used as the prize money for the finalists. We will offer up skill divisions, Open, A, B, C all co-ed, and am hoping to be able to do a round robin or pool play format. We are planning on offering up doubles, Open/Elite A/B Mxd. and Centurion. Please be advised that masks need to be in use when wandering around the facility. We will also take temps upon arrival. First 50 entered will be in. I will also have a wait list. If you have any questions, please email me, or message me. I'm looking forward to getting racquetball players back to competing.

Aloha........Malia Bailey


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