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World Wide Racquetball Day Is Coming!

Hello Virginia! World Wide Racquetball Day is coming September 9th. We have FOUR separate events to help you join in the largest day of racquetball ever!

In Virginia Beach, Green Briar North YMCA will be hosting the CrapShot Shootout.

In Northern Virginia, Stratton Woods will be hosting the KING & QUEEN OF STRATTON WOODS PARK.

In Richmond, Courtside West will be hosting the Richmond Racquetball Shootout

Finally in Lynchburg, Downtown YMCA will be hosting the Hill City Shootout.

Join your favorite clubs and your favorite people, play some racquetball, and share your experience on your favorite social media platform. Suggested hashtags to get us trending: #racquetball #worldwideracquetball #united #playracquetball #sportforlife #bestsportever


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