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It's Time To Vote!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

No, this is not a political article! This is more of an opportunity. November is a busy election season, and some of those elections are happening at balloting places, but we have our own in CVRA!

Junior Nationals Scholarship

Nominations for a $500 scholarship to go to Junior Nationals is underway, with nominations due by 11/1/2022.

Collegiate Scholarship

Applications for this years Collegiate Scholarship are due 11/1/2022. Are you passionate about racquetball and looking to get a little money for college? Fill out our application!

Hall of Fame Nominations

Virginia Racquetball Hall of Fame Inductee nominations are due 11/1/2022. These inductees should represent the best of Virginia Racquetball, giving back to the community, building the sport, and being an overwhelming positive influence on our sport and our racquetball family.

Junior Player of the Year

Junior player of the Year nominations are due 11/1/2022 as well. This represents a Junior who has put in the work to not only improve in the game, but be a positive example to other juniors (and adults!) on and off the court. Please submit nominations using the Contact-Us form to provide details why this Junior is deserving of this award.

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