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Racquetball Blitz n Hits

From Malia Kamahoahoa Bailey:

Aloha, Racquetball Players. We will be hosting a 1 day shootout Saturday, December 5th. This would be a good tune up for those of you planning on attending the tournament in Maryland the following weekend. Once again, this will be a no frills one day competition. We will be offering singles and doubles both indoor and outdoor, (weather permitting for outdoor). Planning on pool play or round robin in each division. $30 for the first event, $15 for second event and $15 for third. $15 per event will go into the finalists winnings. Please bring cash. The Y will take $15/person and that amount can be paid with a credit card. Divisions will be played out once started. We will plan on 2 games to 11 points no tie breaker. We would like to activate racquetball events once again. Let's play!!! We would love to have you!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Much Aloha.

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