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Role Call: Racquetball Club Liaisons

Are you or somebody you know a "racquetball Friend?" The person who is almost always at the club, greeting new people, coordinating the courts, inviting people to join in doubles or helping people set up games? Do you know when everybody plays at your club, what level they play at, and whether they are open to new folks jumping in or maybe want to keep to themselves? Then we're looking for you! We would love if you would fill out the Contact Us tab and tell us which club you have all the details on, and how people can reach out to you if they have questions! And if your club is not on our Club List, we'll add it!

We frequently get emails, facebook posts, or comments on YouTube streams of our sanctioned events asking where people can find games at various levels. The small group of very dedicated CVRA Board Members (with a LOT of help from JT Rball) do the best we can, but nothing beats having someone on the ground and in the courts. We would love your help in our mission to grow the sport!

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